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Jewellery by Eilatan featured in the Financial Times

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Yesterday was a big day for our small jewellery brand, being featured in our first ever newspaper article! And not just any newspaper, but the Financial Times!

We feel so honoured having the opportunity of being able to shed light on the experiences faced by Black Jewellers since Kassandra Lauren Gordon's open letter to the industry about the inequalities we face and the changes that need to happen after the murder of George Floyd last May. Small changes have started to be implemented but we still have a long way to go until we reach true equality. Should you want to learn more about the gains we've made and the issues we've faced, I recommend you take a few minutes out to give it a read and check out the lovely images of our founder/maker Natalie Ifill and our "Know Your Power" pendant created in an emotional response following Floyd's murder.

And check out our Hope Collection, featuring the "Know Your Power" and "Fists Up!" pendants created to spread awareness on racial inequality, and supporting charities which help uplift and empower Black people


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