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We're in a music video!

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

So, earlier this year we contributed some jewellery to the lovely band HAWXX for their upcoming video which launched on Wednesday (27th Oct). We were well chuffed to be part of this experience, and so so happy to get to share it with you all now!

Death of silence means the death of shame. Shame has deeply shaped us as a society and erodes our capacity for real systemic change. To fight and speak out against those that silence us creates a movement and momentum that is contagious. Nothing can stop it. This song was originally inspired by the me too movement and is a song of solidarity with anyone who speaks out about their oppression. - HAWXX

This song and the message behind it is so powerful. We hope you love it! See if you can spot some jewels.

Here are some beautiful outtakes of HAWXX and the pieces you can buy for yourself:

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