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How sustainable jewellery can make you feel AND look good

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

It's Earth week this week with Earth day taking place on Thursday 22nd April 2021, so we thought it would be a perfect time to delve into what we mean when we say we're an "eco-conscious" brand.

As a consumer you may know how damaging parts of the jewellery industry can be from films such as Blood Diamond, however if you don't it's understandable - it's rarely talked about.

At Jewellery by Eilatan we have no interest in being a part of a damaging industry which has the potential to harm Earth and individuals/communities, therefore we do everything we can to be as sustainable as possible. We choose to describe ourselves as an eco-conscious brand to show that this is at the forefront of our minds when making decisions, and at the forefront of our practise ALWAYS. So let's look into the specifics of our eco-conscious brand:

  1. Crystals and Gemstones

While it is debatable how sustainable it is to source crystals and gemstones from this earth for non-necessities, we believe there is a way to do this sustainably and sensibly. We source our gemstones from ethical suppliers who are able trace the sourcing of their stones and can ensure that the miners and lapidary artists are all working safely and being paid a fair wage. Are gemstones are of high quality and really reflect the artisans work. We believe we can work in harmony with Mother Nature and by buying ethical gemstones we're also helping support local communities which rely on us.

2. Use of Precious Metals

With metals mined from the ground, just like gemstones/crystals, we aim to be as sustainable as possible in our usage of them. One of the reasons our jewellery made to order is to ensure we only use the materials that are being brought, unlike large companies we do not have surplus stock. Furthermore, all metal scraps we have are used to create our One of a Kind collection or is refined to make recycled Sterling Silver. We never throw any of our materials away.

We're also proud to announce we've taken a pledge with Fair Luxury to make a move over to using solely recycled Sterling Silver or Argentium Silver (similar to sterling silver but contains a high percentage of pure silver and is also recycled) by the end of 2021. We're continuing to use the supplies we've already brought as we don't want to waste anything, but as we buy new metal it will all be made from recycled Silver!

3. Packaging

As of 2020 our packing is all recyclable and/or biodegradable! Being plastic free was a huge goal of ours, and we were so happy when we managed to achieve this. Here's a little breakdown of our packaging items so you can see what's what:

  • Postal boxes - Recyclable

  • Brown Tape - Recyclable

  • Stickers - Recyclable

  • Business/Thank You/Care Cards - Recyclable

  • Hessian Jewellery Pouches - Biodegradable

  • Tissue Paper - Recyclable

  • Jewellery Cards - Recyclable

  • Green Ribbon - Recyclable


We hope by not only providing pretty packaging, you'll not only feel extra special receiving your items but also the consideration of re-using any materials and recycling if not!

We truly believe that sustainable jewellery will make you look AND feel good. You deserve jewellery that is guilt-free and lasts a lifetime. So go ahead and treat yourself!