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5 Gemstones to Promote Joy!

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

With spring getting closer, we are experiencing longer and warmer days. The sun is shining, we're slowly approaching freedom from COVID-19 restrictions here in the UK, things are looking brighter (pun intended) and more positive each day. Not feeling it quite yet? Understandable, we're still in a pandemic and it's hard to suddenly shift from that mindset, so whether you're happy and you know it or need a bit of a mental boost, lets look at my 5 top picks for gemstones which help assist with feelings of joy:


With each day the sun rises, allow Sunstone to awaken you. This crystals bright, positive, sunny-like energy will align your mind, body and spirit with its high vibrations. This crystal has an uplifting quality, shining in the darkest moments, reminding you to take time to enjoy the little things in life. Sunstone teaches people to live each day to its fullest. Embody the power of the sun, and shine bright like a Sunstone.


It's said that Dalmatian Jasper appeals to the child within us, encouraging us to feel more joyful and playful. Instead of overthinking and being over analytical, Dalmatian Jasper teaches us to be more carefree and enjoy just being. In addition to this, it is also a grounding and calming gemstone, so can make us feel at peace. When it comes to the spirit, this stone only strengthens it, whilst reminding us that we're all spiritual beings on a journey that should be joyfully embraced.


Jade contains the energy of the Earth and nature. With this energy, it teaches us to slow down and enjoy being alive, helping us feel more positive in our connection to ourselves, the people around us and the environment. It has a wholesome feel, which nurtures us whilst also unblocking any resistance we have towards giving/receiving love.


An important talisman, Peridot is the gemstone version of having a spring clean by helping us let go of the old and promoting a sense of renewal and rejuvenation. With its soothing, harmonious energy, this stone will not only help in difficult situations but also bring you delight and joy. With Peridot we can embrace everything the universe has to offer, soaking up its glow and positive vibrations.


What's better then a hot day and some wonderfully hydrating Watermelon? How about Watermelon Tourmaline. This stone has a lot of love to give, not only does it help heal emotional wounds, soothe your emotions and makes you feel calm it also promotes love, light, energy, happiness, a sense of adventure, self love and confidence. What's not to like?


I hope these gemstones bring you joy. Is one calling out to you in particular? Check out our shop to see what we have available at the moment, or if you don't find anything appropriate contact us to make you a bespoke item with your desired stone! Here's to happier days!

Eilatan x


Disclaimer: The metaphysical and healing properties of the above gemstones mentioned are to be intended for guidance, inspiration and reference only. Whilst crystal healing is widely believe, this information provided is not to be substituted for medical assistance. Please seek professional medical advise if trying to treat, prevent or diagnose any mental/physical illnesses.


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